Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lowes Foods Apology To Customers For Their Participation In Extreme Couponing


Lowes Foods recently made a statement to their customers apologizing for the participation in Extreme Couponing. Here is the message they posted to their customers on Facebook:

Thank you for taking the time to post. We appreciate your candid feedback.

While we can not undo our participation in the taping of Extreme Couponing, what we can do is share with you our reason for doing so and some truths that will not be aired with the show. Lowes Foods agreed to allow the taping in our store in hope to show viewers that we are a coupon friendly grocer with outstanding products and customer service.

Some of what appears in the clip you saw was staged by the production company. In fact, the young man who approaches the empty shelf in dismay is actually a crew member. What is not conveyed well is time spent by the customer to clip and sort her coupons, not to mention the 8 – 10 hours in the store shopping and at the register.  Another unfortunate aspect of the taping is Lowes Foods did not have access to the taping in the woman’s home.

Lowes Foods was recently asked to make our stores available for a new show from the production company that films Extreme Couponing. We have declined and have no intention of participating in future tapings.

We do not share this to deflect blame. We share it simply to let you know that things aren’t as they always appear. We definitely made a poor decision by participating in the show. What is most disturbing to us is we disappointed you, our valued customer. We sincerely hope you can look beyond our mistake.

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