You want to start couponing and saving money but where do you start? You can't coupon unless you get coupons.

Where to Find Coupons
  • Sunday Paper!  Most large cities will have coupon inserts in their Sunday papers. Make sure you grab your papers on Sunday mornings. SmartSource and Redplum are the most common inserts and once a month there will be a Proctor and Gamble insert.  
  • Print Coupons:,,, and are all internet coupon sites.
  • Magazines:  All You Magazine is worth buying a subscription to just for its recipes and coupons.
  • Facebook:  Like your favorite companies, sometimes they giveaway high value coupons or even coupons for free items!

I use the binder method but that is not for everyone. You can use envelopes, recipe box, or a coupon organizer, whatever works for you.

Find Store Match-ups

Each week I will be posting coupon match-ups for IGA, Walmart, Target, Randy's, Walgreens, Schnuck's, and Shop 'n Save.  I will let you know the best deals of that week.

Coupon Clipping Services

If there is a coupon you are looking for or if you want more than one of the same coupon, you can use a clipping service. They do charge handling fees for their services.

Click here to visit

Kuntry Klippers

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Coupon Fraud 
  • Using a coupon for an item that the coupon is not for, for example, if the coupon says $1.00 off of one box of Golden Grahams but you use it on Lucky Charms, that is fraud. 
  • Photocopying a coupon or making copies of coupons is illegal, please don't do it.
Coupon Ethics
  • Just because a coupon worked on an item that the coupon was not to be used for, it does not make it right.  If a coupon says "Not valid on trial sizes" but it seems to be working on trial sizes, don't do it. It's wrong and it is a crime!
  • Just because you have 30 coupons for one item, it does not mean you have to clear the shelf.  Shelf-clearing is just rude, especially if it is not something you are going to use.
Coupon Lingo

SS = SmartSource Insert
RP = Redplum Insert
P&G = Proctor & Gamble Insert
BOGO = Buy One Get One
RR = Register Rewards (Walgreens)
Cat = A coupon that prints out at the register that is either dollars off your next visit or dollars off a certain product.
MQ = Manufacturer Coupon
OOS = Out of Stock
OYNO = On your next order or purchase
OOP = Out of Pocket
Stacking = Stack 1 manufacturer coupon with 1 store coupon