Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sign up for Toluna to Make Extra $$$

Sign up at Toluna.com to start sharing your opinions. Of course you will not get rich but you can make extra money to put aside for the Holidays or for a vacation. Click here if you would like to read more about Toluna.com. I've actually been a member for the last eight months and I've been paid twice.

Toluna is a global site for everything related to surveys, polls and opinions! When you become a Toluna community member you enjoy the following benefits:
  • Earn points worth $1 to $5 each time you qualify for and complete a survey! You’ll also earn for the polls and opinion topics you create! Each time you participate in or complete a survey you’ll be entered into our monthly $4500 prize draw!
  • Create your own polls and opinion topics to host on Toluna, or export them to your own blog or website!
  • Voice your opinion by participating in other community members’ polls and opinion topics! There’s no catch! Your membership is free, and all information you provide is strictly confidential and will never be used to advertise or to sell you anything.
As soon as you register, you’ll be entered into our monthly cash drawing of prizes totaling $4,500!

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