Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to School - Supply List by Stores

Here is a list of the current Back To School deals.


Elmer's 2pk Washable Glue Sticks or 4oz Glue 3/$1.00
10ct Yellow Pencils 2/$1.00
Crayola 24ct Crayons 2/$1.00
2pk Avery Hi-Liter 2/$1.00
Prang 8ct Watercolors 2/$3.00
Crayola 12ct Colored Pencils 2/$3.00
2ct Sharpie Fine Point Pen 2/$3.00
Office Eraser Set $1.00
1" Avery Binder 2/$3.00
1 1/2" Avery Binders 2/$6.00
2pkt Portfolios with Prongs 4/$1.00
2pkt Portfolios w/o Prongs 10/$1.00
Soho Pencil Box $1.00
Datexx Calculator $2.99
All Backpacks 20% Off
Filler Paper 150ct Wide or College 2/$1.00
70ct 1 Subject Notebook 5/$1.00
120ct 3 Subject Notebook $.99
80ct 1 Subject Notebook $1.00
2pk Pilot Precise V5 Pens $2.00
4ct Expo Dry Erase Markers 2/$5.00
80ct Composition Notebook $1.00
2pk Pilot G2 Gel Pens 2/$4.00
PrintWorks Copy Paper 400ct $2.99


High Trails or Anchorage Backpacks Buy 1 at $9.99 Get 1 Free
Penway or Mexford brand 1 Subject Notebook, 10pk Pencils or 6pk Papermate Highlighters $.39
Penway or Mexford brand Filler Paper 130sheets, Composition Notebook, 24ct Crayons, 12pk Colored Pencils $.59
Wexford 2 Pocket Folder with Prongs $.11 Limit 6
Crayola Washable Markers $2.00 (Get $2.00 RR back, like getting it free)
School Box or Rose Art Clue $.59 w/in ad coupon
Fiskars Scissors $.79 w/in ad coupon
Pentel 30pk Lead Refills or 5 pk Bic Grip Mechanical Pencils $.99 w/in ad coupon
Penway or Wexford Erasers $.29 w/in ad coupon
Mini Stapler or 2pk Sharpie Markers $.69 w/in ad coupon
5pk Splash Liquid Highlighters or 4ct Dry Erase Markers $.99 w/in ad coupon
It's Academic Notebook or Portfolio BOGO


6pk Elmer's Glue Sticks $1.00
Kids' Fiskars Scissors $1.00
Up & UP 3 Subject Notebook or Binder Bundles $2.50
Binder Pencil Pouch $2.50
Mesh Locker Accessories $2.50
1 Subject Fashion Notebooks $2.50
3ct Sharpie Fine Point Pens $3.50
24ct Dixon Ticondergoga Yellow Pencils $3.50
Five Star Advance Notebooks $3.50
8" Locker Shelf $3.50


Crayola 8ct Watercolor Paints $1.49
Crayola 10ct Broad or Fine Tip Markers $.99
Crayola 24ct Colored Pencils $1.99
Crayola Crayons 24ct $.24
Character Backpacks $9.99
3D Lunch Kits Disney Cars, Princess, Fairies or Toy Story $8.99
Vinyls Pocket Folders, Microban 5" Pointed Scissors, Paper Mate 2pk Pens $1.00
Pilot EasyTouch, G2 or Sarasa 2pk Pens or Post-it Sticky Notes $2.00
Georgia Pacific #20 Copy Paper or Bic 8pk Mark it Markers $3.00
Avery 1" Heavy Duty Binder, Expo Neon 5ct Markers or Sarasa 4pk Gel Pens $4.00

Elmer's Glue Sticks 2pk
Bic 10pk Blue or Black Pens
Marbled Composition Notebooks
Fashioned or Licensed Pocket Folders
Stretchable Book Covers
10ct Pencils with Erasers

Avery 2pk Retractable Hi-lighter
Selected Bic 10pk Mechanical Pencils
Westcott 10pc Math Set
Fashion Notebooks


School Box
Fiskars Flexible Ruler
2pk Erasers
40ct Pencil Erasers

Washable Crayola Crayons 24ct
Washable Large Crayons 8ct
Washable Watercolors
Washable Markers
Ticonderoga #2 Pencils 10ct
Construction Paper
Elmer's X-Treme Glue Stick
Character Notbooks

Character Pencil Pouch $3.97
Kleenex 3pk Facial Tissue $3.97
Fiskars 5" Scissors $1.47
Fiskars Metal Protractor or Compass $2.97
Avery 1" Durable Binder $1.94
Bic Brite Liner Highlighters 5ct $1.47
Paper Mate Profile Pens $2.47

School Supply Coupons
$1/2 Bic Stationary Products
$1/2 Bic Stationary Products 7/31/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/30/2011)

$1/1 Post-It Sticky Notes

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