Monday, July 11, 2011

Price Matching - A Great Way To Save

Since my local stores do not take internet coupons and most internet coupons are of high value or they are coupons you ordinarily do not see in the Sunday inserts, I price match. Price matching has saved me quite a bit of time and money. Both Walmart and Target will price match sales ads and according to the Walmart store policy, you do not even need to have the sales ad with you. I always take the ad with me though, it takes some of them long enough to check you out when price matching so just take them with you. You can email stores and ask them to send you the weekly sales flyers in the mail and most are happy to do it. Just let them know that you are a regular shopper but live to far away to pick up the ad every week so you would like it mailed to you. 

After you have all your flyers, start looking for products that you need and see if you have coupons for them. I make out a list with each stores name and the coupon I am going to use. Then I put each of the sets of coupons into an envelope and write which store they are for. This makes it easier so you know which ad you are going to use and when you go to check out, you can group them all together by store ad.  I don't always have a coupon when I price match, sometimes there is just a better deal going on somewhere else and if I can get it for cheap even without a coupon then I get it.

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